At Tyre Save Manchester, we have a product range to cover all of your logistical requirements. more

All kinds of car tyres

Every kind of service – no hidden extras

At Tyre Save Manchester, we pride ourselves on delivering quality tyres at honest, competitive prices. For the price-conscious, low-mileage buyer, we supply an ultra budget and budget range. For drivers clocking up a mid to high mileage, you’ll find a fantastic selection of branded tyres from the world’s leading tyre manufacturers. We also stock specialist premium tyres for the 4x4 and performance car markets.

Same day fitting

Car tyres when you need them

Because we adopt a just-in-time method with our tyre stocks, sales and fittings, there’s no need to hold thousands of tyres in our centre. This means we’re able to pass on low costs to you, our customer. We take three deliveries a day, stock the most popular tyre sizes and brands and can source and fit anything you’re looking for. What’s more, with up-to-date prices and availability lists always to hand from our suppliers, you’ll be kept firmly in the loop. Our car tyre services include:
Full tyre fitting
Wheel balancing
Free winter tyre check
Puncture repairs

How to read your tyre’s sidewall.

If 205/55R16 91V is our example:

    bullet point
  • 205 is the width of the tyre in millimetres
  • bullet point
  • 55 relates to the sidewall’s height – in this case 55% of the width of the tyre. So 55% of 205 equals tyre sidewall
  • bullet point
  • R relates to the construction of the tyre – in this case Radial
  • bullet point
  • 16 is the diameter of the rim
  • bullet point
  • 91 is the load the tyre can bear – 615kg
  • bullet point
  • V relates to the maximum speed the tyre can travel – in this case 149mph.

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